Goods Return Request Form

Company Name

M.A.C. Sales Order Number

M.A.C. Delivery Note Number

M.A.C. Invoice Number

Customer Name

Customer Account Number

Date of Delivery

Description of Goods to be Collected

Reason for Return

Is Item in Original Packaging?

Is a Replacement Required?

If Yes, has a Replacement been ordered?

Customer Signature/Name

Customer Phone Number

Todays Date

Please Note

1) Items are on an "Inspect Before Credit" basis, items returned incomplete, missing packaging or damaged (if not stated) may not be eligable for a credit.

2) By Supplying a chargable replacement item, M.A.C. Metalcraft Ltd are not admitting liability, and a credit may still be refused.

3)No Returnswill be consideredafter 5 Days as per our terms and conditions.

4)Our terms and conditions can be found at, and are available on request.

5)Only Stock Items will be considered for return, Subject to a 10% Restocking Charge, Special order items cannot be returned

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